Mother's Day gifts to help women through microfinance

Every Mother's Day we pay tribute to our own mothers through dinners, gifts, phone calls, cards or fond memories.  

This year, celebrate all mothers everywhere - especially those mothers living in poverty, working hard, but not earning enough money to feed their families or send their children to school -  with Hope Sings and our partners.

Today, why don't you visit HS partner –

Kiva is offering Kiva Cards that help mothers around the world who lack access to basic opportunities in life - like financial services.  "Mothers nurture, love, and support us, and every year we take a day to celebrate this, yet not all mothers around the world have the ability to provide for their children and families as they wish they could.  Kiva works to help give Mothers around the world opportunities to succeed."  

Another thing you can do in honor of Mom's Day? Buy a Hope Sings song.  Profits from our songs go to our partner microfinance organizations to help fund small loans to individuals  -- many of them women -- to start small businesses and begin the journey from poverty to prosperity. Direct donations are great, but songs have the potential to reach thousands of ears and create thousands of new donors – that’s the Music Multiplier Effect!