This week 50% of song sales goes straight to emerging entrepreneurs and artists

Cirila, 46, is a single mother of three children in Peru. Cirila starts work very early every morning, embroidering skirts, capes and other items for traditional festivals in the Mantaro Valley where she lives.

Cirila needs a loan to buy the embroidery supplies she needs to do her gorgeous work (like the cape she wears in the picture below - she's the one with the long earrings). That loan also helps the other members of the "Virgen del Carmen" communal bank do their work and support their families.


When you buy Hope Sings songs this week, 50% of your money goes right to Cirila and her team (through Kiva/Edaprospro) - and to the artists whose music supports them. Artists like Christine Vaindirlis from South Africa (shooting for the stars and organizing an African music festival in New York next summer ) and Rebecca Brusca (trying to make her music dreams come true in Romania).   

50%. That's not a typo. Through Tuesday Monday August 1st.

Why are we doing this??

It's summer. Vacations, doldrums, heat exhaustion. We've got to get your attention somehow.

Go to and pick your songs. If the word "PayPal" makes you break out in hives, it's easier than you think. You don't have to have an account, you can simply pay with your credit card.

Everyone who buys all 12 songs will make the "Nice" list on our website. And everyone who doesn't will be on the "Naughty" list. Well, there won't really be a "Naughty" list. But you'll know who you are (and so will we!).


So shake off that summer lethargy, go to and do your good deed for the day/week/month. Create some good KARMONY (karma+harmony).