A Year of Song: My Daily Ditty Challenge

I have decided I don't write enough. Enough lyrics, that is.

Suzan Lori-Parks did a 365 day challenge (a play a day), and others have as well. So I'm doing mine. The Daily Ditty. My lyrics on someone else's music. Every day. Some will suck. Others will suck less. Maybe.

Since today is my birthday, I'm starting off with birthday songs. Email me your birthday and I'll try to put you in a ditty. Today's tune is Don McLean's American Pie.

Thanks to amazing coach Lea Boyer for the inspiration to do this. 

So, without further ado, here goes  - and please sing along. I can hear you, so no slacking off!

(to the tune of “American Pie”)

Long, long time ago

Maybe only one “long”–

I wrote lots of lyrics every day.

But somewhere there along the line

That all changed, which was kinda fine,

But now I’m feeling that is not okay.


So as a birthday pres to me

I’m list’ning to the voice that says to me:

“Write a daily ditty,

Whether wise or witty.”


So with birthday songs – like deep knee bends –

A work-out nod to famous and friends

And if it sucks I’ll make amends -

Today, the Daily Ditty starts.


Three hundred and sixty five

Finding shiny rhymes for folks both dead and alive

Wait , that sounds too easy! Put a limit on time – I’ve  

Got 30 minutes max every day

For jumping jacks every day…


Who wrote the book on love?

And who has faith in God above?

If you said Kathy Harper Gilbertson, you win the prize.


And who believed in rock and roll?

So much he lost his earthly soul –

A genius, Jimmy Hendrix, but not so wise.


And who’s the funniest gal around

With the quickest quips, pound for pound?

Yup, that’s Lenore Skenazy

And she bakes like crazy


This girl had put some money down

On a pair of ski pants then left town

I bought Caroline Kennedy’s ski pants – orange, not brown

Her b’day today – and the Daily Ditty starts.


Three hundred and sixty five

Wrangling jangly thangs for folks both dead and alive

Darn, this isn’t easy but I vowed I would strive 

For 30 minutes max every day

And that’s my jumping jacks for today!