Daily Ditty #3

Did our parents every really invoke the phrase upon which today's song turns? Or did that only happen in TV shows and movies? Whatever the truth, it's what popped out at me today (even though today is the birthday of Busby Berkeley, Louisa May Alcott, CS Lewis, Madeleine L'Engle and Mr. Doppler). 


There are days when you wake up with gunk on the brain.

You feel like your life’s one long slide down the drain.

Then you chastise yourself, you’ve no right to complain –

There are starving children in India.


There are days when you look at your kids with despair.

That skirt is too tight – What’s that gunk in his hair?

I did just fine in school, how come he doesn’t care?

There are starving children in India.


You tell yourself,

I turned out alright.

You console yourself,

I don’t want to fight.

You let yourself

Turn out the light -

Not tonight.

You say nothing


There are days when the winter sun shines on the snow.

In a sparkle, the gunk and despair – they just go

Life is good! And you feel bad you feel good because you know...