Daily Ditty #22 - Stay (or Xmas Disaster)

We were on our way to the south of France (my husband's home) for two weeks. Then disaster - i the form of two idiot parents - struck. I seem to have taken the cancelled plans the hardest...why? Is it my wandering Sagittarian nature?

Why can’t I stay

Must my little heart a-wander?

To get away

Makes my spirit grow a fonder.


We were all good to go to France

But then we couldn’t go to France

Cause a passport had expired

Then we cried ‘til we were tired

What a sad sad song.


Why can’t I stay?

A routine makes me bonkers

Further away

Than nearby Yonkers.

Please, please help me to chill.


We have a really lovely house

An awesome son and handsome spouse

We can still a family be

We can even get a tree

Still it’s not the same.