Daily Ditty #24 - Winter Solstice

Yesterday was the shortest day of the year. And so...


The morning dawns damp and grey

But that does not dismay

For from today,

The days are getting longer.


The green grasses have gone to straw.

Lush dogwood branches stripped to witches claws

More freezing to go before we thaw

Still – the days are getting longer.


I go to bed early, wake up late

Circadians sabotage my Sisyphus struggle to do something great

From my toasty bed I’m content to contemplate

How the days are getting longer.


We just keep on going, like grasses and trees

Some days are glacial, some are a breeze.

Endlessly reinventing – like Jonathan Cerullo (some belated b’day applause, please)

Hurrah that days are getting longer


I hunch my shoulders against the cold.

Winter in New England? Am I getting too old?

This too shall pass, and the seasons’ passing is gold.

The days are getting longer.

I think we all could use a warm Wyndham Hill bath...