Daily Ditty #7 - My Gemini Joy

Do you have one in your life? If you do, this lyric will come as no surprise...



She chose her school for the great tennis.

Now she doesn’t want to play tennis.

My Gemini joy.


She doesn’t want to go downtown

Then she’s out the door for a show downtown

My Gemini joy.


Today it’s no.

Tomorrow it’s yes.

The day after – well,

That’s anyone’s guess.

Flip-floppin’ like a fish,

Ripping off 180’s that stun.

I only wanted one child -

Lucky me, I got two for one.


She’s screaming how much I bug her

Then she melts and becomes my hugger.

My Gemini –


Now some would say that’s a typical teenager

Your everyday mean-ager

But this is a-like-nothing-you’ve-ever-seen-ager

A double-headed sweetheart and rampage rager – oh boy,

My Gemini joy.