Daily Ditty #8 - David and Zina! (think Patty Duke)

The problem today: too much to say!

These two folks are chock-full of fabulousness. Happy b'day David T and Zina Goodrich!

Get in that time machine and go back to the Patty Duke show... here goes!


Meet David the well-rounded whiz

From law to charity to big, big biz

Zina writes a killer tune

That you’ll be singing night to noon

Each one’s got their fizz

They’re both awesome

Incredibly awesome in different ways

One pair with super powers (no, they’re not a couple)

Crazy how they amaze

While David knows lots ‘bout stock and bonds

Baseball, crosswords and marathons.

Zina zings it with aplomb,

Writer, wife and magic mom

I could go on and on(s)

Cause they’re awesome

Indelibly awesome and I find

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it twice:

They are also super nice -

And that blows my mind

They’re awesome – they’re two of a kind.