Daily Ditty # 10 - Ode to Adam Gwon

There are just some folks it's impossible to hate, no matter how talented they are

(I invoke for a moment Amanda Green's heart-warming song, "Every time a friend of mine succeeds, a little bit of me just dies inside.")

No, Adam Gwon has never made me die inside. He's too damn nice. And funny. And talented. Oops. I've just broken a cardinal rule of musical theatre writing and said in the dialogue what I'm going to say in the lyric. Too bad. 

And no, this is not a paid advertisement, I gushed on my own dime. And time (my Daily Ditty 30 minute rule).

No music for this one - make up your own!


Who has won every award?

Had shows in many a venue?

The list of singers who’ve sung him is a Broadway Who’s Who menu.

Every song pops.

He never stops.

He’s goin’ goin’ Gwon.


(His Ordinary Days

Delivers in extraordinary ways.

He’s the mind-blowin’ ever-goin’ Gwon.)


He’s funny and cute -

Even his bio is charming.

From “Gwoncerts” to webseries, his productivity is alarming.

Both tunes and words -

Sleeping’s for the birds!

He’s goin’ goin’ Gwon.


(Such an open-minded guy -

We even wrote a song once, he and I.

That easy-goin’, ever-glowin’ Gwon.)


In the garden of Eden, this Adam

Wouldn’t be eating apples with Eve.

He’d be banging out songs with the other Adam and Steve.

Writing hits upon hits -

Hope he never quits.

Keep a’ goin’ goin’ Gwon!


That Goin' Goin' Gwon