Daily Ditty #13 - Kent - MK - Action!

Two amazing people were born today - people who have supported me in different areas of my career: Kent Nicholson and MK Marsden. Though they do totally different things - Kent is the consummate musical theatre guy, and MK lives/breathes/eats transformation in the media/high tech space - the word that leaps to mind for both is "action" - they are doers. And when action leaps to mind, into my mind quickly follows - Lights, Camera....

I was surprised to discover there actually is a song called "Lights Camera Action" by a certain Mr. Cheeks. There is no way I can post that rap/song here - follow the link above and you'll see why. Not following the original gave me more freedom to follow my inner rapper (which is often foil)(little candy joke). 

MK - that Canada is for you!

MK - that Canada is for you!

Yeah, oo-oo

I’m talking ‘bout these powerhouses

One wears pants, the other blouses.

They got traction

Give satisfaction

Like in the movies –

Kent – MK – Action.

            Let me tell you what I know:

These two are always ready to go.

Ever-inspiring and firing on all cylinders

No nothing hinders, burning obstacles to cinders.

Thinking deep, and then they leap

Taking charge

Living large

Call ‘em “Sarge” –

You really snap to

Then they clap you

Up onto the high bars

Coax you there with moral support and emotional Mallomars.

Yeah, oo-oo

I’m talking ‘ bout his awesome direction

Artist care & feeding and script dissection

And she’s a change agent

A full-range agent

From start-ups to people

100% – no fraction

MK- Kent – Action!

Never usurping

And never burping

Even though slurping

Down to the last noodle

They are some sassy strudel

Cock-a-doo-doodle crowing

Blowing through blocks

Going through rocks

No punching clocks, they bring it 24-7

Puts them in heaven

Flowing through box upon box

Of chocolates

You never know what you’re gonna get

'Cept you can bet

You're gonna get two gamechangers

Big hearted, whole-life rearrangers

On this your birthday

May you have a jolly, full-of-mirth day

Full of love and laughter, dancin' and distraction

Kent – MK – Action.

(sorry, this ditty could have used some redaction)

It's such a nasty rainy day, I had to include a film-related pepper-upper of a scene.