Daily Ditty 45 - Hey Jude

Today my long-time gal pal Judy Lee turns one year younger. 

Hey, Jude, don’t take it bad

This is a glad song - cause it’s your birthday!

Remember: it’s what’s inside of your heart

Makes you an old fart

And not that birthday.


Hey, Jude, don’t be afraid

Get and maid and go do some dating

The minute they get a load of your vim

Each Jack and Jim

Will be in line waiting.


And anytime at all today, hey Jude, just say:

“Hey, look at me world, I’m really awesome.”

For well ya know it’s what ya think makes ya float or sink

Yell that to the world, don’t hem or haw some.

Na na na na, etc.


Hey, Jude, so go get down

Go uptown dancin’ –

It’s your birthday!

Remember: it’s how you shimmy that thing

Makes you feel bling

And blessed on your birthday


So let it out and let it in, Hey Jude, you win!

You truly are one who gets better.

I know you know this life’s for you, hey Jude, go you!

You always have been a go-getter.


Hey, Jude, you’re getting glad

Hope my bad song helped make your birthday.

Remember: with all of my heart -

I’m the old fart,

Not you - happy birthday!