"In Her Words," play inspired by refugee women, centerpiece of gala in Larchmont NY

A sell-out crowd came to support Neighbors for Refugees on June 22, 2019 in Larchmont NY in honor of World Refugee Day.

The centerpiece of the gala was a presentation of the play, “In Her Words,” created by Hope Sings founder Beth Blatt. Women from the community - many who had never acted before - bravely and believably took on the roles of nine women refugees and others in their lives.

Cast Pic Ref Play Larch 2019.jpg

The cast featured Meya Abed, Amanda Amodio, Lindsey Belisle, Susan Brust, Ava Delaney, Meg Hosey, Sara Kandler, Farah Kathwari, Lynn Neidorf, Jordan Reilly, Courtney Ross, Rania Saghir and Naomi Young.

Holly Fink Rosen, Alex Hutton and Elaine Wanderer produced the lovely and lively event. Zachary Moore did a wondrous job directing a large cast in a very short amount of time. There was an authentic, scrumptious (and sometimes spicy!) Afghan meal prepared by Farid Ahmad. St. John’s Episcopal Church offered a fittingly exalted venue.

Producer Holly Fink Rosen, writer and Hope Sings founder Beth Blatt and director Zachary Moore

Producer Holly Fink Rosen, writer and Hope Sings founder Beth Blatt and director Zachary Moore

Most importantly, the event was a success for Neighbors for Refugees - and for refugees:

Thank you to Beth Blatt for gathering the stories from around the globe and weaving them together. Thank you to Zachary Moore, for having a vision of what could be and to Emily Dombroff for contributing to that vision. Thank you to the cast for giving flesh to the words and letting your hearts connect us to the women in those stories.

Saturday evening was not just a fundraiser. It was a community coming together to celebrate, to learn, to be challenged. We broke bread together and then we were blessed by your offering.

Jmel Wilson, President - Neighbors for Refugees

If you are interested in using “In Her Words” to support - or awaken support - for refugees in your community, please drop us a note here.