Hip-Hop Healing: Aaron Jafferis

Aaron Jafferis isn't good at shaving or saying "I love you." (I'm not being critical, those are his own words, paraphrased).

But he's really good at writing/performing hip-hop theatre pieces that aim to heal, ourselves and our world.

Aaron's latest show is How to Break. It tells the story of a dance-loving teenager fighting with her caregivers and a fellow patient about what it means to be “ill.” How to Break received the 2012 Thomas Barbour Playwright’s Award and was headlined the 2012 Hip-Hop Theatre Festival in NYC at HERE.

Catch a 1- minute clip of Aaron rapping from the show here. 


Aaron is writer-in-residence at Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital's Arts for Healing program, which is teaming up with Collective Consciousness Theatre (CCT) to create ARTS Rx: An Exploration of Art, Health and Resilience. How to Break will be part of that festival in New Haven, Oct 3-6

With your help. That's why the Indiegogo pitch. Bet you're surprised.

Hope Sings loves music and songs and theatre for Change in the World and in ourselves. If you do, too, please support Aaron and his co-creators, Chris Edwards, Rebecca Hart, Kwikstep, Adam Matta, Rokafella and Yako 440.