Q&A with Songs for Sandy Artist Christina Li


Christina was the first artist to step up for the S4S project - and boy, we were happy to have her! Check out her new video, Disappear, and you'll agree.


And now - the Q&A!

Who/what are your musical inspirations?

I get inspired by other people with true passions – even or especially non-musical ones. My friends
and family inspire me daily with their own talents.

What gives you hope about the world?

Small, unselfish acts of kindness.

Do you write and sing from joy and hope - or from fear/ anxiety/ need?

Probably from fear/anxiety/need. My music comes from an emotional place that I don't often show to people, so performing and singing is a much needed catharsis.

What’s your favorite chord?

Bb minor

Ten Inspiring Stories about Sandy

Courtesy of Refinery 29 - be sure to check out the photo of the Carousel at sea. If that's not a great image for a song, I don't know what is!


Yesterday, we received our first Song for Sandy! From Christina Li an Sydney Yeo, songwriter at the NYU Clive Davis school.

Writers have another week - a whole week! - to get your song to us.