Quantum Leaping and Sharing our Songs

The decision to drink electrically-charged waters to try to shrink my big ole’ thyroid nodule is a quantum leap I’m making - from accepted Western medical practices to little-tested alternative therapies.


I’m looking at Quantum Leaping in other parts of my life as well - working on blockages in any way I can that might be contributing, on a psychic level, to the blockage in my thyroid.

I have a sizable perfectionist block. Who doesn't, right?


It keeps me from completing and sharing work I’ve done - the songs and shows I’ve created. It keeps me doing endless rewrites, the latest not necessarily any better than the one that came before, just different.

It also keeps the work of my collaborators locked in the electronic file cabinet. Not fair to them. 

Take the first song I created for Hope Sings No one has ever heard it (my husband doesn't count) (don't tell him I said that).

I went to tremendous lengths to create the song “Blanca.” I brazenly buttonholed Latin music stars, worked and reworked the lyric, traveled to Panama twice to collaborate and record the demo.

And there “Blanca” sits, in its electronic drawer. 3 years, it sits.

I have let all the lovely work of my collaborators - composer Romulo Castro and musician/producer Luis Thomas – go unheard.

I have let the inspiring story of Blanca from Barcenas - a woman who raised her family from poverty, thanks to FINCA microloans and delicious bread – go unsung.

Because -

  • It doesn't sound "pop" enough (I'm embarrassed of my musical theatre roots)
  • I don’t like my singing voice (I sang the demo) (I'm such a soprano!)
  • I ran out of money to produce it (an excuse).
  • It’s not perfect.
  • I’m afraid others will be even more critical than I am.
  • It's not perfect

In the book "Do It Wrong Quickly" e-marketing guru Mike Moran writes:

“Music is now a conversation, and feedback from your fans helps you adjust what you do every day.”

Actually, he wrote “Marketing,” not “Music,” and “customers” not “fans.” Creative license.

Seth Godin says the same thing. Ship, ship, ship. That’s the only way to improve the product.

Rodgers and Hammerstein got a musical on stage just about every year, and that’s how they became – Rodgers and Hammerstein. They shipped. Not every show they wrote was a hit. Ever hear of Pipedream

In our world of $100 (min) tickets to a Broadway show, consumers demand perfection. What a shame. Sometimes one glorious moment in an otherwise mediocre enterprise is worth the price of admission.


Let It Go

Like you have to let a child be who they are.

Let It Go.

Like stress. Insecurity. The laundry.

Let It Go

LIke this song.

Let Blanca Go

(shades of the Wizard of Oz)

To Romulo and Luis: my heartfelt apologies. Here is your song. And a promise: I will produce it with a better voice than mine. it will be a big part of Hope Sings the Musical. (more on that soon!).

What “songs” are you hiding? Share them with me. Please. Let your babies out.

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Can I Shatter My Wine Glass? (or Healing the Singer)

It’s a muggy day in June, and my friend Susan and I (plus my friend Sharon) are doing hydro-calisthenics in Susan's pool in Wilton, CT.

Susan is telling me how she was cured of Lyme disease after 3 years of being on and off antibiotics.

By drinking electrically charged waters.

I’m only listening with half an ear because I’m busy treading water (I really do not like hydro-calisthenics).

90 days later I am on the phone with Susan, listening with both ears wide open. Doctor S. has found a mongo nodule in my thyroid, and I don’t want to leap to surgery. I want to try something “alternative.” 

For those of you who don’t know from alternative therapies, there are LOTS of them.  There’s -

Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Qi Gong, Feng Shui, laser therapy, hydrotherapy, diet, reiki, crystals, aromatherapy, homeopathy, meditation, crystals, toning, aromatherapy, colors - even healing with Tibetan bowls.

And more.

Many of these therapies work by releasing blockages in our energy meridians - channels that connect our body in somewhat mysterious ways (stick a needle in your left ankle and your right elbow feels better – I speak from experience).

Some treatments, more specifically, stimulate and restore healthy vibrational balance. And that’s what these electrically-charged waters do. It’s called VIBRATIONAL HEALING (or Quantum Healing), and master herbalogist Andrea Candee is the one who “cured” Susan.

For those of you with Lyme disease – or a loved one with it - Andrea has an extraordinary cure rate for what has come to be, for many, an uncurable condition through a combination of these waters, in combination with with herbs and a low-inflammatory diet.

Vibrational Healing, as practiced by Andrea and a handful of others around the world, is based on the laws of Quantum Physics. Everything has a specific vibration, a specific wave pattern, even solid items. Expose one item and its vibration to an object with the exact opposite vibration – and that first item disintegrates.

Just like the opera singer and the wine glass. When her high note vibrates in directly inverse waves to the crystal champagne glass – you guessed it.

Ditto for pathogens - bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc in your body that cause disease. They have vibrations. Introduce the opposite wave to them, and they dissolve.

And how do you introduce those waves into your body?

You drink them. Electrically charged waters.

It’s more complicated than a blog can support. If you're interested, read more at  Healers Who Share. 

So – back to that phone call. When I hang up, I’m super excited.

However, after 20 minutes of fruitless Google searching, I’m nervous.

There is zero about it on-line. Except on Andrea’s and Healers websites.

But you know, I’m like this: once I’ve opened the door and looked in the room, I can’t not go in. I will always wonder, Brando-like, what might have been.

I guess this is my Quantum Leap. Pun intended.

I decide to do it. 

Though the doctors say my thyroid needs to come out, I've now got a way to see if I can avoid that. As they say, it ain't over 'til the fat lady sings.

En Vogue didn't just say it - they sang it!

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