Music You Should Know from WOMEX 2014

Just finished 4 days in beautiful Santiago de Compostela at the World Music Festival.

Here are some wonderful artists you should know:

Ester Rada - Wow. She totally blew me away. Israeli-born Ethiopian singer. Soulful "Ethio-jazz." Think Nina Simone meets Lauryn Hill meets - well, herself.

Maarja Nuut - a fiddler and singer from Northern Estonia. She plays and it records and loops and she sings and plays over it, dueling and trio-ing with herself. Spooky and lovely.

Troker - what jazz would sound like if truckers listened to it (and maybe they do). Jazz, metal, all sorts of crazy stuff from Mexico. They rocked their Saturday night show at WOMEX. 

Happy listening!


UN Women artist Concha Buika comes to NYC - yay!

Concha Buika is one of those singers that grab you in the heart - even though she sings mostly in Spanish, you get it.

Concha was named one of "50 Great Voices by NPR, and if you live in NYC, you can judge for yourself on June 13th when she appears at Town Hall as part of the Blue Note Jazz Festival.

Concha mixes flamenco and jazz - she was raised in Majorca by African parents - and her last album won her a Grammy. Her next release is due out June 4th.