Libertad - by Momposonica


Libertad - by Momposonica


Written by: Carolina Craig

Sung by: Carolina Craig

Performed by: Momposonica

Produced by: Felipe Taborda

Mixed & Mastered by: German Villacort

Momposonica, comprised of Carolina Craig, Felipe Taborda, David Pinto and Mauricio

Molina, is a Latino American alternative rock band formed in the United States that

combines punk, pop, latin percussion and electronic music. Jeff Tamarkin of All Music

says of Momposonica, “like Santana, bridges cultures neatly, and their allegiance is more

to the rock half of the equation than the Latin half." Momposonica's first album was

released in the United States on August 8, 2006 by JRGR records and are now working

with Hope Sings!

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