Mujer Gigante - by Amanda Rodríguez


Mujer Gigante - by Amanda Rodríguez


Musical arrangement by: David Coto

Produced by: Amanda Rodríguez supported by the University of Costa Rica

Vocals by: Amanda Rodríguez

Guitar by: David Coto

Percussion by: Róger Castro

Engineered by: Estudios Musitica S.A. San José, Costa Rica

Amanda was born in San José, Costa Rica. She started her musical studies at primary school and graduated from the Consevatorio Castella with a specialty in music. At age of 16 she traveled to Italy to perform on a festival in Sicily, where she embraced singing as a career to follow. Later, she attended the University of Costa Rica to study musical education where she combines her love for music with her passion for teaching. As a student, she performed on many festivals like: “Festival Transitarte”, “Festival Internacional de las Artes”, “Concierto en Costa Rica: Marcha por la Paz y la No Violencia” and “Festival de la Canción” in the University of Costa Rica where she won second place award in the competition and the award for best lyrics with her song “Mujer Gigante”. 

Currently, Amanda alternates her musical career along with the scenic arts, playing the role of singer and composer on many festivals like “Festival de Coreógrafos Graciela Moreno” and as an actress on theater plays like “La Ópera de los Tres Centavos “and “Seis personajes en busca de autor” produced by National Theater Company.

Today, after spending the first period of the current year singing in the Middle East, she devotes herself to various activities as a singing teacher, singer of the band Dacosta -which she also founded- and as part of the play “Ateo Dios”, winner of the Iberescena Fund, with the theater company Sotavento, which will be touring in Mexico and Spain.

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