Marta Gomez, Artist

Marta Gomez, Artist

Emeline Michel, singer, UN Women

Emeline Michel, singer, UN Women

How it works: Hope Sings Originals

Charitable Partnering

Hope Sings works with micro-finance institutions like Kiva, FINCA, ACCION  and women's organizations like UN Women - to create original songs to raise awareness of the good they do.

We believe in putting the power of true story back into popular song. So we share success stories from these organizations with artists who support Hope Sings. Our artists choose the story that inspires them. Then they write and record the song that emerges. Hope Sings produces those songs, markets and promotes them, organizes events - does whatever we can to get the word out about the cause, the artist and the wonderful song that tells their stories.


Sophea Chum, Kiva borrower

Sophea Chum, Kiva borrower

Our Impact - Why Hope Sings?

The Music Multiplier Effect


Music is a powerful way to engage and inspire people. Hope Sings offers you a few ways to enjoy great music and help create change in the world:

1) Download a song for free -  Love the song, share the song - that helps get the word out about our partners' good work in a sneaky, inspiring way. And when share, you create the Music Multiplier Effect. You share with two people who share with two people - and before you know it, the song's gone viral and created huge buzz for a cause. Thanks to you.

2) Buy the song -  That helps the artist keep creating incredible songs, and helps Hope Sings keep helping causes and creatives - and the world.

3) Pay what you wish for the song -  Designate how much of that you'd like to go the charity - and you get a great song to boot!

Our Mission


Hope Sings harnesses the power of song and story to inspire, empower and connect women and children locally and globally -
using music to support the charities and organizations that support them. 

We invite artists to write and record songs inspired by the true stories of people – primarily women - whose lives have been changed in significant ways by our charity partners. We believe in putting the power of story back into popular song. Hope Sings often works with female musical artists to tell these stories - it's women helping women. We also like pairing artists who are emerging with women from emerging countries.

We work with our own "C Suite" of partners to create a win/win/win/win virtuous circle for Causes, Creatives, Companies, and Customers. Phase I of Hope Sings focused on singing stories of success around microfinance - small loans that change lives in big ways - with partners Kiva, FINCA, ACCION and MicroPlace. Here are those songs >

We have broadened our mission to serve all sorts of charitable partners, and women everywhere around the world. Take a look at our work with UN Women >

Our Structure

Hope Sings is a “for-benefit” organization. Which means we have the heart of non-profit with the structure of a regular business.

We are actually pioneering a bit here, having adopted a groundbreaking legal structure called an L3C. This lets us put social mission first, financial sustainability second. Being an LLC saves us time/money (nonprofits can be expensive and complicated to run!), and lines up with what part of empowering women and others is about –financial sustainability.  Feel free to help create great songs with your (non deductible) donation >


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Our Artists: 

You can share a song with us or offer to write a song for us. Or you can perform a Hope Sings song by contacting us >

And take note: research indicates that 79% of college students prefer to support musicians who champion a cause. So align yourself with a cause you care about - like helping women via Hope Sings - and watch your popularity soar.

Songs for a Cause

Songs for a Cause is a benefit concert series designed to raise awareness of critical social issues facing women and children while raising funds for local organizations working to address those issues, and providing a venue for both emerging and established local artists committed to positive social change. We are also excited to announce the launch of Artists for a Cause, an idea lab that brings together Westchester County performing artists and arts advocates, to explore, develop, and collaborate on innovative and impactful ways of using the arts to inspire positive social change.