Deadline extended until Monday Nov 19 for Songs for Sandy

We know 10 days is really tight turnaround to generate a song - so we've extended the deadline until Monday for submissions. See the earlier blog below for details.

It's likely we'll be partnering with Indiegogo's campaign to help the Red Cross - resulting in more exposure and impact for everyone. Stay tuned for details.

It's been two weeks since the hurricane - and unfortunately, now is when disasters fall off the front page. But people are still suffering. They still need attention, emotional support and financial assistance. It's not too late to do your share. Thanks so much for putting your talents to great use!


Ten Inspiring Stories about Sandy

Courtesy of Refinery 29 - be sure to check out the photo of the Carousel at sea. If that's not a great image for a song, I don't know what is!

Yesterday, we received our first Song for Sandy! From Christina Li an Sydney Yeo, songwriter at the NYU Clive Davis school.

Writers have another week - a whole week! - to get your song to us.