Yippee for Omine! Rave for her new album!

We consider Omine part of the Hope Sings family, since she rocked for us at the show we produced in Miami at the Van Dyke last month.

Here's Lee Zimmerman's thumbs up review of her new album from today's the New Times (Broward Cty):

"Then there's Ominé's Whiskey & Chocolate. Ominé Eager, as she's formally known, is a brash newcomer whose new album is as enticing as its title would suggest. Her sultry, soulful vocals lash out above the instrumental fray while bringing to mind Chrissie Hynde in all her sassy exuberance. After jump-starting the set with the robust rocker "Knock," Ominé keeps the energy intact throughout, her only respite coming toward the set's end. The seductive ballad "Come Back to Me," a sympathetic cover of Neil Young's "Heart of Gold," and the album's country-sounding conclusion "Songbird" moot the aggression and guarantee the diversity. Ominé's combination of attitude and ability works well in sync, but credit is also due Perdomo, who applies his usual agile touch while providing both production and a good portion of the instrumentation. The liner notes find her giving several shoutouts to family and friends, noble sentiments that affirm her clarity and commitment."