Stories Wanted - the Anxiety Project

Musical Theatre writer/producer/blogger David Brush reached out to me about a fascinating new project he's started. With The Anxiety Project, David and composer Rachel Dean want to help people suffering from depression and anxiety by turning their stories into songs - and a show (just what we love here at Hope Sings!).

If you want to share a story - your own, or one of a friend/loved one -  check it out

Rachel Dean (composer) and David Brush (lyricist) began writing together after participating in "Across a Crowded Room" - a program of the New York Public Library. Since that time, Dean and Brush (along with bookwriter Andrew Lease) have launched THE ANXIETY PROJECT with the assistance of Crazytown: An Artist's Asylum. By collecting personal stories of struggles and triumphs of Anxiety and Depression disorders, and using musical theatre as a medium, the project intends to shed light on the too-often silent strife that accompanies this disease.