Orphan Train, the Musical - Q&A with composer Doug Katsaros

Composer Doug Katsaros' bio is too lengthy and impressive to go into with the depth it deserves. Here are just a few of the names with which he is associated as a composer, arranger, conductor, or performer: Hal Prince, Cher, Ringling Brothers, Bon Jovi, Gloria Estefan, Jacky Mason, Macy's, the Tony's - and he'll create the song of your dreams, too!  

Get all the detes here:  http://www.themusicofyourdreams.com/Biography.html 

(Also, Doug happens to be married to another great composer - Elise Morris. One day we'll do an Q&A with her - check out her collaboration with musicians in Mali - http://www.elisemorris.com/About%20Me.html )

But back to Orphan Train.  I was so curious to hear about Doug's process with the show - hope you are too! 

1) What was your musical inspiration for Orphan Train?

There was a CD of Celtic music that I was listening to which put me in the mood for Orphan Train, but of course, there is none of that influence in the score, as the time and place of the score did not call for it. Still, to cleanse my palette while writing, I would listen to that beautiful CD. IF you mean what gave me the idea to do the musical in the first place, I saw an article on AOL about "Orphan Train Survivor Reunion" and researched it, and had a very vivid dream that night, and called the lyricist and bookwriter into my office the next day to explain the dream to them and tell them to get crackin'!  :)

2) Have you made any big changes to the show for the GCT performances?

Yes - we have cut more than a half hour from the show, both in book and songs. We felt this show should run in one act at about 75 minutes for this production. Otherwise it is exactly the same.

3) Music first or lyric first? (I know, it's an old, somewhat reductive question - but folks always want to know)

Lyric First. I did not even begin to write the score until the book and lyrics were complete for the entire show.

4) What do you hope for the future of the show?

What does anyone hope for their show? to be performed, perhaps on tour, perhaps here in New York, perhaps anywhere in the world, but mostly to have the audiences come away with the feeling that they have experienced a part of our history that has been kept from them, and they are moved to do something about these situations in their everyday lives.

5) What's next for you?

I am the composer for the new Broadway adaptation of Somewhere In Time, opening in New York this coming Summer!