It's getting smaller, or, Honey, I shrunk my nodule!

I'm doing it!

My formerly 6.8cm nodule is definitely smaller than 6.8cm. 


The combined onslaught of my treatments - the waters, the meditation, the visualization, the yoga, the diet, the acupuncture - seems to be working.

I wonder what is having the most impact? 

The one I most feel is the acupuncture - and my acupuncturist, Regina Walsh, is the one who confirmed the shrinkage, and that the nodule feels different, too - softer.

I see Regina weekly, and every session is different. She specializes in what's called Five Elements Acupuncture, which works with the five elements (duh): wood, earth, fire, water, metal. 

Turns out, I couldn't have picked a better type of acupuncture for releasing the blockage, getting my "chi" flow going again.

See, my friend Jo wanted to have a second child. They tried and tried to get pregnant – IVF, the whole nine yards. No deal. Then she tried acupuncture - of the Five Elements variety. Within a few months, she was “with child” (the phrase Anne Boleyn uses to tell Henry the VIII in Anne of the Thousand Days).

Now, that’s releasing some serious blockage. If you have a blockage, too - TRY IT.

I’m not used to taking an hour a week in the middle of my work day and just laying there – much less paying for it – but I tell myself I am worth it (?). 

But the luxury of it!

Regina also utilizes Aromatherapy – yummy lemon, soothing lavender, invigorating geranium. Hard to believe something so indulgent can be so good for you. But Regina says she gets as good – if not better results – from lightly applying these essential oils to the energy meridians than sticking needles in them.

So if you haven't tried this stuff because you're scared of needles - fear no more! Try that Aromatherapy. You're worth it. 

 Now, for a little comic relief ;)