Melody - by Rebecca Busca


Melody - by Rebecca Busca


Written by: Rebecca Busca

Produced by : Rebecca & Sorin Andone

Vocals by : Rebecca Busca

Engineered by : Sorin Andone

We'll let Rebecca tell her story in her own words -

My name is Rebecca Lacramioara Busca.

I was born in Focsani, a little town from Romania, a small country placed in the East part of Europe ...ex-communist, at present in a permanent transition to capitalism...balcanic.

I was a difficult child for the adults around me who did ever agree with my choices.

Hardly had I convinced my parents to let me have an entrance examination to Academy of Music, Byzantine Music, in Bucharest. But, as a irony of fate, I gave up faculty after first year and I left for Europe to sing, to work to gather emotions... I could not stay here anymore....I became aware of the fact that I could not find a place near my colleagues...I wished more that singing...I wanted to make myself known to the great audience as an artist and to get that I had to known myself, to reveal myself, to gather songs,

In 2006, I came back in my country I had the feeling that the right moment to see my dream fulfilled had just come. I began to renew my relationships and I had some collaboration as a lyricist for a composer of the song "Time,” which was presented in a national preselection for Eurovision contest.

In 2007 I was accepted to publish my first novel "Hai,amor...e" by the famous publishing house "Eminescu" from Bucharest.

 All this time I tried to gain cooperation with some musical producers to make my first album which had ten songs with my lyrics. I was not satisfied with those collaborations. What I learned up to the moment was that the way in which I could see my dreams coming true was by myself.

At the end of 2008, I had the chance to know Sorin Andone, film music composer (sound track for the movie"Trei pazeste"-Marcel Iures), organizer of show generics. . .

I made my own project –studio, in my native town, Focsani.

There, we started working at my first album, based on my original songs with lyrics written in English.

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