Daily Ditty #19 - Blind Spot, a/k/a crash and burn lyric-writing

How a Daily Ditty doesn’t come together (in six simple steps).

1) Start with an idea:  a "Blind Spot." (inspired by some parenting or career shortcoming that was on my mind when I woke)
2) Explore the driving/car angle (the verse)
3) Write a chorus that awkwardly tries to bridge from the actual to the metaphoric 
4) Start over. Go with things we don't see involving ourselves, awkward things (fly open)
5) Try to link the mundane/jokey and the meaningful/hokey with a bridge that does… nothing very well.
6) Hear the timer ding 30 minutes and give up

SO totally ripping the curtain away from the Wizard, here goes:

I started by exploring the driving metaphor. It went downhill from there.


Time to pass that slow poke in front of you

So you check the rearview

Glance to the left for a second or two

Start to slide over

When out of nowhere

A horn is blaring

There’s a Volvo bearing down that left lane

You jerk back

Disaster averted

But you are shaking

How could you not see him?


That blind spot

How did I not see

What was right there next to me?

My blind spot

How do I not see

What is obvious about me

To other folks

This is no joke:

If you love me, shine a light on my blind spots.


The toilet paper stuck to your shoe,

Or your unzipped fly.

The skirt tucked into your pantyhose,

Or the ketchup on your tie.

The spinach that spent the day in your teeth

Mascara on only one eye

Things everyone sees

Except you


Why won’t anyone clue you in

On what you cannot see?

Why don’t they shine some light

On your blind spot

Do they think it’ll do you in

To see what you need to see?

Take pity on my plight

Shed some light

On that blind spot


What do I not see

That everyone else sees

Plain as the nose on my face?

What do I not get

That everyone else gets

Cause they’re making bets

On the horse that’s not gonna just place

But win

I want to win!


Your loved ones are your mirrors

They reveal you from every angle

They don’t let you crash

When there is danger

They don’t act like a stranger