Daily Ditty #31 - (You)Sniffing

There's this awesome app from The Poetry Foundation - you go to the app, hit "spin," and they share a bunch of poems.

Today I was intrigued by "Plucking Your Eyebrows" by Kabir. And inspired.

This is for couples out there - lovers, parents, children, BFF's. Acceptance. Smiling, amused acceptance.

Thinking today of the awesome songwriter, Jose Luis Pagan - so happy in his wedding pix. Happy Birthday - or rather, Feliz Cumpleanos!


Sniffing your sneakers

Inspecting your angry toenails

As if seeking confirmation

That life is a losing battle

Against decay and decline.



Watching you

My watching doesn’t deter

You know I love you anyway (because?)

I’m not her.



Your Virgo to my Sag.

I maximize, you minimize

Not exactly oil and water

But not peas in a pod.

Opposites may attract – but do they endure?

Ask God.

Ask her?



Sniffing my armpits

Examining my web of crows’ feet

As if offering affirmation

That life need not reduced to a battle.

I embrace your decay, as I embrace mine.