The Results Are In!

So, in between blizzards on the East Coast, I had the second biopsy on the nodule on my thyroid.


Back in September, the first biopsy showed irregular Hurthle cells – apparently they look like overlapping fried eggs with murky yolks. They estimated there was a 15-20% chance of cancer, based on comparisons with a database of cancerous cells in Bethesda, MD.


Beyond the possibility of cancer was the problem of size: the nodule was extremely large - 6.7 cm long. 

You asked: 

6.7 cm to inches 

2.63779527559055 inches

Because of the chance of cancer and the size of the nodule, Dr. S recommended taking out the left side of my thyroid. Depending on how the right side looked while he was in there, he might take the right side, too.


I demurred. I was calm, clear and sure I wanted to hold onto my thyroid if possible.

So, for the past five months, I have been diligently working on two goals:

  1. reducing the size of the nodule, and
  2. normalizing the cells.

I have been:

And here is the NEWS from my biopsy on Tuesday: 


There is now no sign of cancer. The cells are benign follicular ones. There are no atypical cells.

The nodule is 25% smaller (if I did the math right - which is a question....but I'm going with it).

No surgery needed. Monitoring is sufficient going forward - ultrasound in six months, then a year to keep an eye on the size. 

Wow. Cool. I am happy. 


I hesitate to say, “I did it,” because who knows – maybe it wasn’t cancer in the first place. Though the cells were weird - and now they’re not. 

And I don’t say “thrilled” because I wanted that nodule gone – which it’s not (I'll keep trying to totally dissolve the nodule - more months without dairy or animal protein or other fun stuff. Yum).

But the radiologist who gave me the results seemed impressed it had shrunk at all. Nice to hear that from a Western med guy. 


I wouldn’t have traded this “journey” for anything. I’ve started looking at my health, my spirit, my life in a totally different way. Slowed down. Been more mindful. Started singing again, in many ways. Started blogging...

And an unexpected blessing: all the support, advice, prayers and treatments I received during these months, from friends, family, acquaintances and total strangers. Cool.

Dig the threads! Woohoo, Gladdie!