Daily Ditty #49 - Full House (Sleepover) - or Floodlight of Love

A Sunday morning reflection.


To have a homeful of teenage boys

Giggling and guffawing

Is one of those motherly joys

I have never known.

What do they talk about?

Nothing my son will tell me.

I am content tonight to walk about

Inconspicuously, bringing more food.

In the morning, I find they have left the lights on

And dirty Kleenex everywhere.

And I’m pretty sure my son didn’t brush his teeth.

But it’s a full house and I don’t care.

They say you should shine a light

On the aspects you want to see more of.

A boy who trusts we won’t embarrass him,

Trusts we won’t pry and poke,

Won’t try to understand every joke.

A boy who likes to come home

And bring his friends home, too.

On this I shine

A floodlight of love.