My cell phone is Android-based, it's not an iPhone. My son is terminally irritated by this.

One of the things I love about the Android is you can SWYPE to type. That means you drag your finger, ouija-board like, from letter to letter to create a word. Kind of like cursive - you never have to lift your writing implement (i.e. your finger), so the writing is much faster.

Swyping comes with a major irritant. When the artificial intelligence kicks in, it auto-corrects your word in the wrong way. 

Example: today, I wrote "topsy-turvy." My phone wrote "tipsy-turvy." I liked the phone's version better. It spawned all manner of ideas about who would say that, or who would do that.

My instinct was to write a lyric (a/k/a) about this. Which I have done before. But today, I feel  the time has come to make it official this. 

I checked on-line and no one seems to own the idea of Swypoems, so I am planting my flag in the linguistic soil of the idea. I'm going collect them and spin them and see where they lead. And then and share them with you.

And I hope other Android owners (beleaguered and outnumbered as we are) will become Swypoets and share them with me and I'll share them with others and soon we'll all be giggling over our Swypoems.

First big question: 

Swypoems? Swypo-ems? Vote!

Second big question:

Since when is there the acronym SWYPO meaning "Sex with your pants on" (referring to food)???