As Dolly Parton, sings...

...Here I go again, she sings. The 2nd biopsy of my thyroid nodule is finally here, five months after the 6.8cm nodule (along with several smaller ones) was discovered and biopsied the first time. 

Oh no! It's not called Here I Go Again - it's called Here You Come Again! Talk about a double-dyslexic attack...But I get such a kick out of Dolly I'm leaving it.

There is good news.

  • I feel fine, always have. No thyroid malfunction.
  • The nodule is noticeably smaller (tho it’s still there, and tho who knows if I have normalized the cells, as I visualize in my meditations – spreading out the fried egg-like cells so they’re not overlapping, clearing up the yolks of the nuclei).
  •  I’ve really, really enjoyed this blogging, how it’s widened my focus and that of Hope Sings to include music, inspiration and wellness/healing.

After 5 months of -

  1. weekly acupuncture,
  2. major diet modification,
  3. daily meditation/visualization/blockage-specific yoga,
  4. vocalizing –
  5. not to mention the pricey electrified waters –

(maybe I should have seen  a gypsy...oops...)

After all that, I wonder: how did I do?


(And I also wonder how much I’ll blame myself if I didn’t do well enough, which my pal Holly B brought up.  Will I feel like a failure if the nodule is still too big to leave alone and more likely the cells are cancerous - a 2nd data point the biopsy will give).

My dear friend Gail (anesthesiologist, passionate lover of life and founder of an awesome social enterprise, Spiralis Ventures) reminded me of another, perhaps even more important healing factor I hadn’t recognized:

all the prayers, positive thoughts and support I’ve received

from family, friends, practitioners and total strangers over the past months.

And that may be the best “treatment” of all. LOVE.

So if you are so inclined, on Tuesday February 11 at 8:45 am EST – send a little love wave up to Mt. Kisco NY and yours truly.

I am not scared of the procedure or the results, not at all. But I am sooooooo curious.


Yoga and My Thyroid

So, I'm doing the waters to dissolve my nodules.

And I'm meditating, visualizing, altering my diet and doing acupuncture (more on these in future posts). And I'm going to go hunting in my jewelry box for a blue gemstone (I must have a 5-karat sapphire in there I've forgotten about).

Gosh, it's amazing I'm getting anything else done (secret: I'm not) (well, not totally true).

So much for a controlled experiment on which tactic is most effective.  But I'm going for the full-on assault here. I've got a second biopsy coming in January and I am visualizing the Radiologist saying about my huge nodule,

"Wow! Where did it go? I've never seen this happen before!"

I now have something else to put on my action list.

Turns out there are yoga poses that are particularly helpful, too.

The Shoulder Stand and the Plough (from the Shoulder Stand, you drop your legs/feet down behind you to touch the floor.)

The Fish.

The Lion. This video is makes me laugh - the reference to a Kiss concert and the great depth it goes into for something pretty simple. 

Any Yoga yogis out there with more advice on good poses to flow this nodule away?

The Fish

The Lion

Q&A with Songs for Sandy Artists - Gene and Kim

This is the first in a series of Fast and Fun Interviews we're doing with our first artists in the Songs for Sandy initiative - so you all can get a little insight into what makes them creatively "tick." Caution: this interview might make you hungry!

Gene Ellsworth has been fine-tuning his songwriting craft in Pittsburgh, Nashville, and California since 1985. He’s had several number one hits, including "The Fool" (Lee Ann Womack) and "All Aboard" (the Del McCurry Band). He met Kimberly Manns in Pittsburgh through yoga, and together they plan to produce and release an Indy Folk CD in 2013.

Why do you write?

Kim: Well, I don’t think Gene has much a choice… it just comes out. Of course, then he spends chunks of time fine-tuning and tweaking. Gene encouraged me to work with him and found out how fun the process can be...even when he disagrees with me.  I love the journey and sharing something we’ve completed.

Gene: I don't have the words for why, but I love the feeling of not knowing where a lyric or melody came magic it's just there.

What fills you with great joy?

Kim: The sunset, the sunrise, watching the sky.

Gene: Being on a bike ride with Kim.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Kim: I get out of bed because I’m tired of being there. I am a doer.

Gene: I like to stay in bed and know, I'm a vegetarian. (editor's comment: ha ha)

Do you meditate?

Kim: Meditation Is the best part of my yoga practice.

Gene: Yes, meditation reminds me again and again of who I really am.

What’s your favorite food?

Kim:  Popcorn made with coconut oil and a little garlic salt.    

Gene: I shouldn't but I love sweets...cake, pie, candy, cookies...yeah.