Daily Ditty #39 - Bless the Boulders

Ok, today's ditty is kind of a mess. I ran out of time and clarity.

It's a mash-up of two songs by Emmylou Harris - "Boulder to Birmingham" and "Michelangelo" - and a yoga class that invoked Ganesh, the remover of obstacles.

I'm trusting you all not to get too judge-y on me here.

I had a dream last night

One I actually remember

I was in the woods and I was all alone.

I was on a path,

I was late, I was running

When suddenly my path was blocked by an enormous stone.


And then it all shifted,

Like with dreams things often do

Now the boulder was a mountain I thought I had to climb.

I woke with a start

Was it boulder or mountain?

What path, what woods, will I figure it out in time?


You’re on a path

That’s what you tell yourself

That’s the mantra that sustains you through the sleepless nights.

You know you could get from here to there

If you could just roll that stone

If you were sure it was a stone

And not a mountain or a wall

That will never ever fall

If you were sure it truly was your path at all.


Thank the obstacles

They make you stop and think

Is the problem out there

Or is it inside?

Bless the boulders

And when you’re ready

They may roll themselves away or turn to dust

Or cause you to look – over there!

There’s another way, a better way when you trust.

Bye bye boulder.