Daily Ditty #38 - Smart and Funny

Today I honor three of my favorite people: Andrew Da Roza, Regan Backer and Teri Sawers. They each deserve their own ditty, but the fate of a shared birthday consigns them to sharing. Good thing they are all generous sorts.

Sing along with Frank Sinatra to "Love and Marriage."

Smart and funny, smart and funny

Two great fellas and one hot honey

These three are amazing –

Honestly deserving praising.

Andrew, Regan, Teri Sawers.

Only one, and not all three, are lawyers.

All are full of mirth, they

Also share the same sweet birthday.

Andrew is the solicitor

Though loving dad, he has retired.

From Asia to the UK and back to Asia

His exotic life and fit physique are much admired.

Regan’s articulate and cultured,

His wit and warmth make him a charmer.

So genuine and caring –

I should add a gentleman farmer.

Teri’s home is now New Zealand

(though she’s originally from Sydney)

She’s always biking, out with friends – smiling and laughing.

For her life I’d give a kidney.

Smart and funny, smart and funny

Life around you is so rich and sunny

Since I’ve grown old-fart-y

It’s up to you to go and party!