Need a new idea for Mother's Day?

It’s Friday. Still stumped for that Mother’s Day gift?

Check out what Hope Sings microfinance partner FINCA has cooked up …

…a special FINCA Mother's Day e-card! It lets you make a gift to mothers who receive FINCA loans in honor of your own mother. After 25 years in the field, FINCA knows that when mothers in poverty stricken areas "start realizing profit and savings, they invest that money in the welfare of their children. First, nutrition improves, and then their housing situation. And, most importantly, they invest in their children’s education."  

And if you haven’t yet - buy a Hope Sings song.  Profits from our songs go to our partner microfinance organizations to help fund small loans to individuals  -- many of them women. You're also helping another kind of woman entrepreneur - the emerging/cross-over artists Hope Sings supports as well!