Daily Ditty #27 - I Wish You A Happy Birthday

Poor kids who are born on Xmas Day - they come up one holiday short. They deserve a Daily Ditty.

I wish you a happy birthday

Dee and Carolyn, a happy birthday

And Nick, too, a happy birthday

And an awesome next year.


Best wishes to Dee

Who lives in DC

You help folks get their groove back

Cause you yourself are groovy?


To you a double day today

Two holidays in one day

Let nothing you dismay day

Have a wonderful next year.


Much love, Carolyn –

For energy, you win.

Gift for photos and travel –

Is there somewhere you haven’t been?


I wish you a happy b-day

With 3 of you, it’s a 3-day

Such deep people, it’s a 3-D day

Have a wonderful next year


And you Corley, Nick.

In your bag every trick.

Actor, writer, director –

Love that red hair (like a brick)


Oh yeah, have a merry Christmas

Shout it over ocean and isthmus

I’m out of rhymes, so myself I dismiss

Hope to see you all this year!