Daily Ditty #32 - Paul Stookey (of Peter Paul and Mary)

If you love "Puff the Magic Dragon" and "The Wedding Song"(There Is Love)? - then you love Paul Stookey. Happy Birthday, Paul!


Funny synchronicity: I just discovered that Puff is based on a poem written by a student at Cornell - and I happen to be in Ithaca right now (home of Cornell). 

So: to the tune of "Puff the Magic Dragon" -

Peter, Paul and Mary

Oh, what a team.

Harmonies from heaven,

Singin’ up a dream.

Paul’s real name was Noel

Changed it for the “stage.”

Guess alliteration

Really was the rage.

Mary, Paul and Peter

We loved their dragon Puff

And “Blowin’ in the Wind” – well,

I cannot get enough.

“The Wedding Song” was written

By that Noel/Paul

Penned it for pal Peter

            Now it’s sung by all.

Paul he is amazin’,

He’s still going strong.

Changing the world with music – and today

Happy Birthday is his song!