Daily Ditty #34 - '14 Going on '15

Happy New Year - from the POV of the year...that's called writing for character.

To the tune from The Sound of Music.

I was ’14, now I am ’15,

Ready am I for change.

Boko Haram, the State of Islam

And fracking our Home on the Range.

I was ’14, now I am ’15,

What will the new year bring?

Licking Ebola?

Kids kicking Cola?

Substance replacing bling?

Totally unprepared am I

I haven’t really planned.

Corny and cock-eyed, not scared am I –

I’m sure it will be grand!

I am ’15, used to be ‘14

Time marches on, thank God…

I’m not grievin’ – though ’14 was even –

I'm kinda ready for odd  :)