Daily Ditty #12 - Golden Girl (Kellee Joost!)

Today's b'day girl is one of my all-time fave people. Anyone who knows Kellee knows she is AWESOME. For a time, we were pretty joined at the hip - and I can't thank her enough for helping her guide Hope Sings into some wonderful waters. HAPPY B'DAY KELLEE! Enjoy it - I know you will. It's one of your gifts, to love life.


(to Seals and Crofts’ Diamond Girl)

Golden Girl

You sure do shine

Glad I met you

You’re so fine.


Kellee Joost, you’re like a precious stone,

Feet on the earth, heart in the heaven zone.

Makes no difference what you do

Work or pleasure, you’re aces through and through.

How could Hope Sings have sung without you?

There is no doubt you got us far, so far –


Golden Girl

Warm as the sun

Smart and generous

You get things done!


There is no one– no one else like you.

If you weren’t so sweet and good, I’d have to spike you.

Animal lover, friend and wife

Angel investor, you help save people’s lives.

Golden Girl, we’re all so lucky

Cause all is ducky where you are –


Golden Girl

Your smile does shine

Golden Seeds

Work so fine

Golden Girl

Your hair does shine

Golden Girl

You’re so fine!