Daily Ditty #9 - I Wonder...

In the spirit of our approaching holiday (that would be Xmas), this song popped out. 

I'd like to preface with a funny (read: horrifying) story. 

I sang the solo on "I Wonder As I Wander" with the Dartmouth Glee Club when I was a freshman(?). I took my starting note from the sopranos, who were standing behind me (my pitch as a little uncertain in those days, as it is for most sopranos who are used to getting the melody, always easy to hear). However, the sopranos messed up and started a third too high (for once they didn't have the melody). And so I started a third too high, too. Despite the painful discord, I continued to sing my solo until conductor Paul Zeller stopped the song - rap-rap-rap of the baton - "Let's start over. Beth, you're on the wrong note."

Now that builds character. 

The audience felt so bad for me they gave me a standing ovation.

Without further ado: today's Daily Ditty.

(to the tune of “I Wonder As I Wander”)

I wonder as I wake up with a still-darkened sky

‘Bout the people with birthdays who today catch my eye.

I try to find something that links them, I try –

I wonder as I wake up with the brightening sky.


What if Michelangelo hadn’t had his pope?

What if Michelangelo had given up hope?

Without a rich patron he might have chosen the rope.

But Pope Julius the II – he wasn’t no dope.


What if I’d been born in one Slabtown, Tennessee?

Would I go sing opera? Nope – un-like-ly.

But Grace Moore, thank goodness that she isn’t me.

For us and for opera and for Slabtown, Tennessee.


I wonder as I wake up with half-caff and pie

‘Bout Walt Disney and Scarlatti and Rossetti and why

Some of us are born, make no mark, and then die.

I wonder as I finish my half-caff and pie.

(That was a lie.

There was no pie).